"Naija State Of Mind - (DaGrin) ft Naija Boyz." - christianswag98
LOL you don’t have to understand the lyrics to enjoy this

Submitted by: brighteyes513
LOL what even! Idiots…

27-flavors says, “We all know that one person who can dance like this :)”

This person who deactivated their account (loll) said, “This video is just too funny. Africans at their finest.”

Fine girl, no pimpuls

nyotalikestar says, “The danger of a single story by Chimamanda Adichie Nigerian novelist. This video is a must…”

I’ve always wanted an excuse to put a lonely island video up here, and thanks to Jorma and AFAR, I found one.

This is Spin the Globe - Jorm and Rabbit in Nairobi.

Jorma went to Nairobi, Kenya, met rapper Kaka Sungura AKA “Rabbit”, and together they made beautiful music haha.

Rabbit raps in Swahili/English (Sheng) and Jorma in English.

Anybody heard about Rabbit?

xdanielson says, “You know you’re African if you know this song”