Earthquake.. Tremor…

People are complaining that the majority of us overreacted.

NO SHIT WE OVERREACTED! We’ve never felt something like this before. We’re told it’s highly unlikely for this side of the United States to go through an earthquake. We go through our lives, eventually thinking it’s simply not possible. Then we get one today! Well, it was an aftershock, but we still felt it. It’s something so completely unexpected, brand new, and no one knows how to react but to react..dramatically.

Then we go to facebook where there was an overflow of statuses regarding the earthquake. Think for a second. To find current events (besides tumblr) facebook normally tells us. For instance, if school was closed, there would be a nice bunch of statuses confirming it. If one person said there was no school, you wouldn’t believe them. You’d have to find out for yourself, ask them how they know, assume they’re joking etc. But if there is a flood of people saying there’s no school, you know it’s true. Now when it comes to the quake/shock, I’m sure everyone who did feel it or didn’t but got calls from people asking if they did went on facebook (and tumblr) to see if there’s a answer to explain what just happened.

Surely enough there’s that flood again. Everyone everywhere exclaiming about an earthquake. Now you’ve got your answer. But then the posts won’t stop. So you make a status too, saying everyone should shut up and stop complaining it was just a tremor blahblahblah or ok we get it there was an aftershock. No sir, you should shut up, and yes sir, it was an aftershock, that we all (most of us) felt. Their status is not to bring you news. Who cares if you found out already? Just because 20 of your friends have similar statuses, doesn’t mean the 21st can’t put their status as well. It’s their own facebook, and everyone has their own takes, stories etc on the matter. If you’re seriously that annoyed that your friends are freaking out over something they’ve never experienced before get off facebook. It really is not that hard to click the log out button.

Sorry, I know most of you did not feel this/have nothing to do with this but I had to say this somewhere..

Or is it just me?! O_o

Or is it just me?! O_o