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Okay, I LOVE your blog, and I've been questioning why it hasn't been here my whole life. But I wanted to ask you, can I use a few of these for my history class? It's for a project, and our next unit is Africa, so I'm gonna have a field day when I get back from finals week. Everyone seems to think that Africa is some hellhole, but I'm determined to make them think otherwise!

lmao because tumblr didn’t exist until a few years ago and I just got the idea to start this almost a year ago xD
Uh, I’m going to hope you’re African, and say sure. But I’m not sure how good of a source this blog is… lmao… most of these are about getting beat by your parents and getting forced to help do chores and stuff..
But hey! Africa is certainly not a hellhole and I hope you succeed in changing their minds. XDD;;